Solar Chicken Egg Incubator

There are many different types of egg incubators that you can purchase or build – which are used to help the eggs to develop. These units are used to monitor the humidity and temperature levels so that they develop at the proper rate. One unit that is a bit simple to make and to use is the solar chicken egg incubator.

You can use a solar system that will be able to power the unit when there is no immediate power source for it to feed from or is unreliable. To build a solar incubator you need a 12 V incubator, 12 V deep cycle battery, 12 V solar panel, and a charge controller.

The first thing that you need to do is to calculate the total amount of power that the system will need in order to run. You will need to add it to any element that you will add to the unit. This might be a fan, humidity meter, or a temperature gauge.

Pick out the battery that you want to use. Make sure that it is 12 volts or use several that add up to 12 volts. If you are connecting to batteries make sure that the positive of one is connected to the negative part of the other. One battery should be able to power the unit for a whole day (24 hours) in a climate that receives a lot of sun. If the climate is overcast than it should be for two days (48 hours).

Pick out a solar panel that is strong enough to power the unit and the battery. The panel must be three times as high as the energy consumption of the unit. For a 12 hour day and night you need a panel that is twice the power that can maintain the battery when it is at full charge. A unit using 48 V needs a 150 W panels.

Connect the solar panel to the charge controller and connect this to the battery. The charge controller will keep the battery from becoming overcharged and damaging the unit and panel. Connect the battery to the 12 V system using crocodile clips or a cigarette lighter. These should be secured with electric tape to prevent any loss of power.

Place the unit in a room that is warm and has a stable temperature. The air circulation in the incubator will make it difficult for the unit to keep the necessary temperature at 99.5 F.