Egg Incubator

Farming is a full time job that not many of us know much about. There are many facets to the job and tools that are used in order to keep everything running smoothly and in the right order. One of the more useful tools that they will use are egg incubators these are special machines that are used to hatch eggs when there is no mother hen to sit on them and keep them warm.

Egg Incubation

Egg incubation is the process in which birds are able to hatch their eggs and how the embryos within the egg are able to develop properly. One of the most important things about incubation is the amount of temperature that the embryo needs to survive for a certain amount of time. In a domestic fowl the process of sitting on the eggs to incubate them is called brooding.

For many species the body heat from the parent that is brooding will be able to generate enough heat to keep the embryo alive. Different species will use wildlife around them in order to create the same amount of heat that it requires and other species may take turns sitting on them.

On some farms it is impossible for the hen or hens to sit on the amount of eggs that there are. Either the hen has passed away or there are too many eggs for them to take care of. When this happens the farmer will rely on egg incubators to keep the eggs at just the right temperature to make sure that nothing happens to them.

There are different types of incubators that you are able to use. Chicken egg incubators and reptile egg incubators are available in different sizes and work in different ways – but are mainly used for large amounts of eggs. It is possible to learn how to make your own egg incubator and to show your children how for a school project.